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At Sunsave Solar, we believe that your solar system should be individually designed to suit the specific needs of your home or office. That's why we install only the best A-Grade quality solar panels ensuring your solar produces as much energy as possible, provides a trouble free system and suits your needs for years to come.



Our fully qualified solar designers and installers are also Level 2 Authorised service providers for metering - which means the same day your PV Solar system is installed, so is your inverter and metering, no seperate installation dates. We're one of the few solar companies to provide same day installations.



With trade certification and a professional friendly team, Sunsave Solar can provide quality electrical work for your home, office or commercial space. Data cabling, safety switches, Digital TV wiring or resolving power issues - our friendly team can service your general electrical needs.

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* The sun shines on the solar panels generating DC electricity.

* The DC electricity is fed into a solar inverter that converts it to 240V 50Hz ACelectricity.

* The 240V AC electricity is used to power appliances in your home.

* Surplus electricity is fed back into the main grid.

Whenever the sun shines, the solar cells generate electricity. The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 240V ACelectricity, which can then be used by the property/household. 

If a grid connect system is producing more power than is being consumed, the surplus is fed into the mains power grid. Some electricity companies will meter the electricity fed into the grid by your system and provide a credit on your bill. Other companies will install a bi-directional meter which will run backwards as your system feeds electricity into the grid. 

When the solar cells are not producing power, for example at night, your power is supplied by the mains power grid as usual. The energy retailer charges the usual rate for the power used.

As all of the components in a grid connect system have no moving parts, you can expect a long and hassle free life from your solar power system! Generous government renewable energy rebates mean you can also save thousands on a grid connect system for a limited time! 

Installing a grid connect solar system

Most customers choose a roof mounted solar system. For most of Australia, the modules should be north facing in order to take full advantage of the sun. 

Our accredited grid connect installers will aim to install the modules at an angle which ensures that the glass face of the modules is positioned at 90 degrees to the sun for most of the day. As an example, in Sydney this angle would be approximately 30-40 degrees to the horizontal. Standard Australian roofs usually have an angle of elevation of ~22 degrees, which is acceptable. This provides a close approximation to the position in which a solar array produces its maximum output. For installations on flat roofs an elevated array frame allows the solar modules to be installed at an angle of elevation of approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal.

What's the right size system? How much will it cost?

As everyone’s need’s are different and the generation potential of solar power differs from place to place we recommend that you contact us for an obligation free quote and site inspection to give you a true indication.

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